Bus Network Redesign

Update: CATS has extended the public comment period for Envision My Ride through May 4th.

ACTION ALERT: May 4 is the final day to share your thoughts on the proposed re-design of the CATS bus network!

Watch our short video about WHY change is needed and HOW to give input, then visit the CATS page to explore & submit comments.

Help CATS staff prepare for the biggest change to the bus network in years! 

  • Check out the map and click on proposed routes to see how often they'd run.
  • Drag & drop the icon of "Jane" (in lower left corner of the map) near your home to see how far she could travel by transit in different amounts of time under this map scenario.
  • Make your voice heard through the "Add a Comment" box before the public comment period closes on April 6th

Envision My Ride is a planning initiative to redesign the current bus system. Through this initiative, CATS plans to study bus route structure and frequency to determine how to improve the system and better serve the Charlotte region (EMR website).

Why re-design the bus network?

Other cities are benefiting from re-designs. Learn what CATS riders stand to gain! 

Envision My Ride would provide:

  • Cross-town and suburb-to-suburb bus service
  • Connections between different bus routes and between bus and light rail 
  • Frequency of service
  • More direct services

Sustain Charlotte supports a fast, frequent, reliable, and walkable transit network for Charlotte-Mecklenburg. With a current average bus trip time of 90 minutes one-way, we know that the existing bus network is not adequately meeting the needs of people who need to travel to work, school, medical appointments, and all of their daily destinations. 

Cities like Houston and Seattle that have redesigned their bus networks have seen increases in numbers of people riding the bus. That means less traffic congestion, cleaner air, and better economic mobility as more people can reach more jobs! 

Learn more by checking out TransitCenter's Who's On Board 2016 report!


Sustain Charlotte's work to support the bus network redesign process is funded by TransitCenter.


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