Sustain Charlotte asks NCDOT to work to mitigate climate change

Sustain Charlotte recently joined Southern Environmental Law Center and six other organizations in sending a letter to North Carolina's Secretary of Transportation. On October 29, 2018, Governor Roy Cooper signed Executive Order 80: North Carolina's Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy. Transportation is the second highest source of greenhouses gases that contribute to climate change in NC. In this letter, we call for NCDOT to support the goals of Executive Order 80. Read the introduction below, and view the full letter here.  Continue reading

County leaders, it's time to invest in parks and greenways!

As Mecklenburg's County Commissioners prepare their budget for Fiscal Year 2020, we've asked them to make a serious investment in parks and greenways. Here's the letter we sent them last week: Continue reading

Bicycling in the Queen City and Beyond Podcast

Who likes to talk about cycling in Charlotte more than anyone you know? Ann Groninger and Jeff Viscount, that's who! Continue reading

Two years in, Way2Go CLT continues to inspire sustainable commuters

In 2017 Sustain Charlotte launched the Way2Go CLT sustainable transportation challenge and inspired 1,500+ participants to avoid more than half a million miles driven alone in cars. Two years later, Way2Go CLT continues to inspire great commute choices as CATS' adopted program!  Here's the impact that Way2Go CLT participants made during 2018: Continue reading

The Cross Charlotte Trail - What you need to know

The Cross Charlotte Trail has been in the news a lot lately.  Like a LOT. Here are the three things that you need to know about the project and what it means to Charlotte. Continue reading

Our goals for 2019

We're excited for a fresh year of advocating for smart growth and sustainability in the Charlotte region! Here's what we'll be working on in 2019. Continue reading

Vision Zero Presented At Transportation and Planning Committee

The Transportation and Planning Committee held its first meeting of 2019 on January 14th, where staff shared updates on the Vision Zero 2030 Action Plan, the Transit-Oriented Development Ordinances, and the Comprehensive Plan. Continue reading

Can Charlotte eliminate traffic deaths by 2030?

Sustain Charlotte serves on the Charlotte Department of Transportation's (CDOT) task force for the creation of the new citywide Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030. This past Monday, Charlotte City Council's Transportation and Planning committee received an introduction to the plan from staff. What will it take to transform Charlotte's streets to become safe for everyone over the next 12 years?  Today we're sharing what we think is needed to keep the plan's implementation on track. Community and equity considerations are integral to every phase of the Vision Zero Action Plan. (image: Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte members give feedback on vision for Charlotte's growth

You may have heard that Minneapolis recently approved a new Comprehensive Plan, which for the first time attempted to address racial segregation in the City’s housing patterns. To do this, the plan removed single-family zoning and allowed duplexes and triplexes in formerly single-family-only neighborhoods. While this move was controversial within the city, it was ultimately approved, and is being heralded across the country as a concrete step to address the challenges of racial equity and affordable housing. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte Supports New Rules for Scooters

On January 14th, the Charlotte City Council voted to approve new rules for e-scooters. Sustain Charlotte supports the new rules and believes the vote was a victory for streets that move people, not just cars! Continue reading