Six Stories, One City: Margarita's Transit Story

We hope you were inspired by Natalia's transit story that we released last week as part of our Six Stories, One City transit series featuring six diverse users of transit in Greater Charlotte. Today we're sharing Margarita's story. Margarita is a mother, immigrant, and small business owner. She rides the bus to make deliveries for her business and to travel with her children. When asked why she values transit, Margarita said, "It's good because my children enjoy riding the bus and light rail. For my kids it is something fun to do. When I tell them we are going uptown, they say "Yay, let's take route 9! Let's ride the train!" Sometimes I take them to the library uptown, Imaginon. It's a longer trip, and my kids love the city's landscape, and enjoy what they see."   Continue reading

Six Stories, One City: Natalia's Transit Story

Starting today, and each of the next five Fridays, we're releasing the video story of a different public transit rider in Charlotte! What do a banking executive, high school student, senior citizen, small business owner, immigrant mother, and visually-impaired woman have in common? Continue reading

Bonds will fund many transportation and neighborhood improvements

Charlotte residents, tomorrow November 4th is Election Day! As Charlotte's population continues to grow, it's critical that we not only maintain our existing infrastructure, but also improve our streets, trails, neighborhoods, and housing to meet the needs of current and future residents. We hope you've heard about the three bonds that will be on your ballot tomorrow. If not, this post will help you understand the basics and where to find more information. Each bond will be presented separately, and we encourage you to vote 'Yes' for all of them. We're sharing the following information from the Vote Yes For City Bonds website to help you make an informed decision at the polls.     Continue reading

$50 Prize Every Weekday in November for Our Sustainable Commute Challenge!

Every weekday in November, Charlotte area residents are invited to participate in a unique Sustainable Commute Challenge hosted by the Transportation Choices Alliance (an initiative of the local nonprofit Sustain Charlotte) and funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The contest will begin on Monday, November 3. Contestants can participate by uploading photos of themselves, friends, co-workers, or family members traveling to their daily destinations on foot, by bike, or by public transportation on the Transportation Choices Alliance’s Facebook page. The contestant who uploads the photo that receives the most “Likes” by 10:00 p.m. each day will receive a $50 cash prize.    Continue reading

Welcome to Our New Website!

  We’re excited to unveil the new look of our website, complete with user-friendly functionality, easier-to-find resources, and even a mobile-friendly browsing experience! Best of all, we’ve redesigned our website to better highlight the important work we’re doing to educate, engage, and unite residents across the Charlotte metro area to inspire choices that lead to a healthier, more vibrant community for generations to come. Continue reading

Charlotteans gather to talk about bicycling

More than 70 area residents, government staff, planners, and bicycling advocates gathered on Thursday October 9 for Charlotte Bike Talk, a public discussion of bicycling needs for the Charlotte metro area. The event was organized by the Charlotte Department of Transportation with publicity and registration provided by the Transportation Choices Alliance. The evening opened with presentations by Dan Gallagher (Charlotte Department of Transportation), John Cock (Alta Planning + Design), and Matt Roe (National Association of City Planning Officials). Continue reading

Reid Park Residents Clean Up Trash Laden Neighborhood, Instill Community Pride

  More than 30 adult and youth residents participated in Reid Park’s clean-up.   On the sunny Saturday morning of October 4th, residents of the historic Reid Park neighborhood in west Charlotte gathered at the Amay James Recreation Center for a morning of service. Following a brief presentation about how to separate trash from recyclables, they split into three groups and  picked up litter from the grounds of the recreation center, Reid Park Academy, and neighborhood streets. Three hours later, approximately 900 gallons of  trash and 450 gallons of recyclables had been collected, along with two pickup truck loads of bulk waste. Continue reading

Become a Member for Just $5 a Month + Enter to Win a $50 Gift Card to Healthy Home Market!

This month we’re kicking off our October membership drive and now, for just $5 a month, you can become an official member of one of Charlotte’s most important and impactful nonprofits. JOIN NOW TO BECOME A MONTHLY MEMBER FOR ONLY $5 / MONTH! Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte Discusses Transportation Choices With News 14 Rob Boisvert

We sat down in the studio with news anchor Rob Boisvert a few weeks ago to discuss transportation in Charlotte and chat about official website for our Transportation Choices Alliance initiative.   Continue reading

What We Learned At Tuesday Night's Networking Mixer With National Gypsum

Each month, we host a free networking mixer that brings together sustainability professionals and one of our featured partners for an evening of fun and information exchange. Tuesday evening, we hosted our October mixer at Triple C Brewing, Co. and had a special presentation by our featured partner National Gypsum. Mundise Mortimer, Director of Strategic Planning, spoke about why National Gypsum values sustainability and how the company has evaluated and adjusted every aspect of their operations to better protect the environment.  Check out the recap from this event and what we learned during the discussions and be sure to visit our EVENTS page to stay updated on next month’s event. Continue reading