Partner Post: Top 7 Green Initiatives Charlotte’s Co-Living Leader Put on The Map

by Shannon Roberts, Charlotte Community Room Rental Sustain Charlotte's Gold Partner Charlotte Community Room Rental redefines co-living to give residents a unique, sophisticated lifestyle. Residents thrive in a community that’s making healthy choices with long-lasting social, economic, and environmental impacts. Not only does the community flourish, but it’s leading Charlotte in green initiatives to sustain the community for generations to come. Here are seven ways that Charlotte Community Room Rental is leading the way in sustainability! Continue reading

Mecklenburg County is working to achieve zero-carbon buildings. Here's how.

At the February 11 Environmental Stewardship Committee meeting, Mecklenburg County's Energy Manager reviewed the current carbon footprint of the County's buildings and how they'll achieve zero-carbon status by 2030.  Continue reading

Letter to City Council: $50M for Safer, Healthier, Community-Building Transportation

We sent this letter to the Charlotte City Council and City Manager Jones on January 14, 2020, requesting they budget $50M over the next two years to make the city safer for biking, walking, and accessing public transportation. Continue reading

Charlotte Will Begin Work On A Strategic Mobility Plan

Last Monday's introduction of the upcoming Strategic Mobility Plan was the most important item on the agenda for City Council's Transportation, Planning, and Environment Committee. This mobility plan will not only incorporate existing plans like Charlotte WALKS, Charlotte BIKES, and Vision Zero, but it will be more intentional about how the integration of transit occurs. Continue reading

Madrid is prioritizing people over cars. Could it work in Charlotte?

There's a famous old saying: "You can take the transportation advocate out of the city, but you can't take the city out of the transportation advocate." Ok, not exactly famous. I just made it up. But when you're really passionate about improving the city you call home, you can't help but notice transportation innovations when you travel. Here's what I found during my vacation in Madrid, Spain. Clearly delineated lanes for mass transit Madrid has a network of lanes just for buses and taxis. Continue reading

North End Community Coalition and Sustain Charlotte install 86 neighborhood wayfinding signs

On Saturday, November 23rd, Sustain Charlotte and the North End Community Coalition (NECC) installed 86 wayfinding signs in the North End community to increase walkability in the area. This work is possible through a Community Challenge grant from AARP as well as support from an Aetna Foundation grant. Continue reading

Five things we're thankful for in 2019

Every year we're making progress toward a more sustainable Charlotte region. Here are just a few of the things we're thankful for as we approach the end of 2019. Continue reading

Are YOU recycling right?

Have you ever wondered if the things you put in your recycling bin are really getting recycled? Well you’re not the only one. Over 100 people joined us at our November Grow Smart CLT event to hear from Mecklenburg County Solid Waste Services about how to recycle right. Continue reading

Sustain Charlotte supports changes to Charlotte's Streets Map

Throughout 2019 we've been participating in the Charlotte Streets Map Stakeholder group, which developed updates to the Streets Map. Here is the letter we sent to Charlotte City Council in support of the changes. Continue reading

How we're inspiring people to bike in Charlotte

If you follow Sustain Charlotte’s work, you know we’re big advocates for trying to bike or walk instead of driving your car. But we know that can be really intimidating for folks who aren’t consistent cyclists, or who are new to the area, so we try to do what we can to make biking more accessible here in Charlotte. Continue reading