Call For Artists

Want to paint the streets and not get in trouble?

We are looking for local artists who want to help us beautify parts of 6th Street Uptown on October 21st and 22nd for a one-week protected bike lane demonstration!


The linear design must be applied on the asphalt between the sidewalk and limits of the protected bike lane demo. 

Our goal is to draw attention to the lane BEFORE intersections and driveways to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists with art! 

See photos for examples from other cities!  

Let's go above and beyond green paint and work together to bring some color, vibrancy, and art onto 6th Street to protect cyclists and pedestrians in Charlotte!

We are seeking designs that range from murals to geometric designs!  

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Application requirements:

  • Artists must submit a sketch and a brief description of their proposed design.  Please submit one image of the art you wish to create to [email protected].
  • Artwork for the protected bike lane must be appropriate for public viewing and subjected to CDOT approval. No words, symbols or logos intended as advertising may appear within the design.
  • Art needs to span the width of an approximately 10ft wide travel lane. 
  • Please limit the length of your design to what you can complete (either by yourself or with a team) on the afternoon of Saturday, October 21st or between 7:00 am and 12:00 pm on Sunday, October 22nd.  Painting can begin when the lane is closed around 7:00 am (more details to come).  
  • Artists are not paid for their services, but will be considered Biketoberfest volunteers and are entitled to one free ticket, t-shirt, and beer for each art submission.  If you plan on having a team assist you on October 22nd, please note that each team member must sign a Biketoberfest waiver.
  • Sustain Charlotte will provide one set of paints for each accepted design.  If you are using a predominant color in your design, please make a note on the application.  Only soft pastels provided by Sustain Charlotte may be used for the street painting. 
  • Artists must be at least 14 years old.
  • The submission deadline is October 10, 2017.     

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