An Interview with Sustain Charlotte’s Shannon Binns

Following the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, I had a chance to interview the man behind the City’s sustainability efforts - Sustain Charlotte’s Executive Director Shannon Binns. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two about how to make your own city a little more sustainable.

Question: How have City officials received input and recommendations from Sustain Charlotte and what improvements have been realized by incorporating sustainability into decision-making?

Answer: Our input has been very well received. Part of the reason is because we work very collaboratively with local leaders and staff, and try to be an additional resource to them, an independent source of expertise and information on best practices regarding sustainability. Given that the city has very limited staff (one person) dedicated solely to advancing our city’s sustainability, I think they appreciate this extra help. As far as the perspective of elected officials go, it’s probably best to share a direct quote from Mayor Foxx about how he views our organization. In an interview this March he said, “Some of things that Sustain Charlotte is doing, and saying, is being, in our community are things that we don’t have another group out there able to be, do and say. So to me, Sustain Charlotte is an important voice for not only the environment, but for the lifestyle that all of us hope to have in this community long-term.” READ MORE


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