After a Charlotte cyclist’s death, residents want road narrowed

(by Steve Harrison, the Charlotte Observer)

"Jordan Moore, Bicycle Program Director at Sustain Charlotte, is helping to lead the charge to advance a petition for the City of Charlotte to put Parkwood Avenue on a "road diet." Residents want the city to add bike lanes, which would shrink the road and make it safer for bikers and pedestrians...

The strategy – known as a “road diet” – has been used nationwide and in Charlotte. Cities are calming high-speed streets with traffic circles, by building medians and by turning lanes into on-street parking...

Moore wants the Charlotte Department of Transportation to create a bike lane on both sides of the avenue. Sustain Charlotte would like the lane to be physically separated from the car lanes, possibly with small plastic barriers. Under the proposal, the avenue would then have one lane in each direction."

Click here to read the full article. Click here to watch the video of our Parkwood Ave. Road Diet Proposal. 

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