A protected bike lane through uptown? Some want to make it a reality

(by Ely Portillo, The Charlotte Observer)

"Bicycle advocates will make a pitch Monday to Charlotte City Council, seeking funding for a protected bike lane through uptown.

Unlike a bike lane that’s designated with a simple stripe of paint on the pavement, a protected bike lane separates bicyclists from cars with a physical barrier. That enhances safety, advocates say, and makes people more comfortable with riding on the streets.

Jordan Moore, bicycle program director for Sustain Charlotte, said the group is hoping the city will find funding for at least one protected bike lane running east to west. The lane would link the Little Sugar Creek Greenway and the Irwin Creek Greenway. One proposed route would run along Third Street, but Sustain Charlotte isn’t committed to a specific route at this stage...

Sustain Charlotte has been building public support with the hashtag #IBIKECLT."

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