‘A City Of People On Bicycles’: Sustain Charlotte's Big Vision

(by Michael Andersen, People for Bikes)

A vision of grand transformation isn't the only way to improve a city. But it certainly can help.

Sustain Charlotte, a group pushing for a new east-west protected bike lane through Uptown in North Carolina's largest city, has no shortage of vision.

"When I travel and people find out I’m from Charlotte I want their first response to be, 'Oh? Do you ride your bike everywhere!?'" bicycle program director Jordan Moore wrote last week in the Charlotte Agenda.

"In my mind, I see Charlotte being a city of people on bicycles," he told WSOC-TV this week. "It is the Copenhagen of the South."

Sustain Charlotte has prepared a petitionhashtag campaign and video series about Charlotte residents who get around by bike. Here's Charles Langston, who gets to work and college by bike:

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