Trips for Kids Charlotte/Charlotte Re-Cyclery (Winner)

TFKC/CR prides itself on exposing underserved kids to bicycling and bicycles through its Ride and Earn-A-Bike programs. CR refurbishes donated bicycles that are for sale to the general public or are used for active transportation events. No donated bicycle or part ends up in a landfill! We also teach people how to maintain their own bicycles.

TFKC exposed over 900 underserved Charlotte-area youth in 2016 to weekend rides, outings and classes. CR enabled over 700 community residents to enjoy their surroundings on affordable, refurbished 2-wheelers.

 Clean Air Carolina's AirKeepers

As it is well known, most pollution in CLT comes from mobile sources like cars, trucks and other petroleum vehicles. Much of that pollution comes in the form of particulate matter. Clean Air Carolina's AirKeepers (Mattie Marshalll, Ron Ross and William Hughes) have been instrumental in monitoring our air for just such pollution. The only monitoring available to the city prior to their involvement came from state and federal agencies. These leaders have taken the challenge to monitor the air in real time to show how pollution: moves through their neighborhoods, affects their ability to live without heightened health risks and can be used as a catalyst for change in roadway construction practices and land use. 

These leaders were and are the first communities to create a hyper local map of air pollution in CLT. They have collected over 20,000 hours of data that is being shared with scientists, researchers, government agencies, students and the public at large. Their work has led to direct partnerships with schools, Clean Air Carolina and the EPA to expand citizen science monitoring in CLT and NC.

Duke Energy Corporation

Since 2005, Duke Energy has reduced or offset CO2 emissions 28% from our generating stations. In addition to focusing on reducing emissions at our generating stations, Duke Energy has also worked to reduce the emissions (and cost) impact from transportation in our vehicle fleet and in alternative transportation for our 28,000 employees. Duke Energy has: 1) Developed and implemented a fleet vehicle anti-idling policy that limits idling to no more than 5 minutes for every 60 minute period stopped, with exceptions for safety or certain operational needs. Implemented in June 2011, this has resulted in significant avoided emissions and vehicle fuel savings. 2) Provided a 100% subsidy to all employees who choose alternative transportation (since 2007). 3)Since 2015, in partnership with their vehicle provider, developed an employee rideshare program called ZimRide. 4) Supported Sustain Charlotte’s Way2Go campaign for employees in the Charlotte region.

What sets Duke Energy apart is the long term, enterprise-wide commitment to sustainable transportation solutions that are good for the environment, community, business and their employees.

HDR Engineering, Inc.

Due to the nature of our business, we promote transportation sustainability in both projects & business practices. Our projects, like Carolina Crossroads, improve mobility, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enhance safety, connect communities, & much more. We use industry-leading tools like our Sustainable Value Assessment tool, sustainable infrastructure rating systems & GIS mapping, to ensure projects will endure far into the future. We know that our business has environmental impacts as well. In 2011, we set a goal to reduce our GHG emissions 20% by 2020 from our 2011 baseline. We annually track emissions, educate employees & implement practices to reduce travel impacts, including conducting an employee commute survey, subsidizing alternative transportation, & working with a carshare company. We track annual vehicle miles traveled and fuel purchase data for our vehicle fleet for use in purchasing/leasing decisions. Our Scope 1 travel emissions went down 2.4% from 2011 to 2015.

HDR's staff work to transform how buildings, infrastructure and communities are designed & built to support resiliency & sustainability goals, provide opportunities to improve human health, & continuously improve our practices to reduce impacts & promote environmental stewardship.


For 50 years, Kimley-Horn's people have shown passion for their communities. This is what drives the company's mission, core values, and ultimately, the types of projects delivered and clients served. Our people are trusted advisors and lead transformative transportation projects with local municipalities all across the Southeast, such as the Atlanta BeltLine, Cross Charlotte Trail (XCLT), Asheville In Motion (AIM) Mobility Plan, and many more. Nationally, Kimley-Horn is recognized as one of the Top 3 Consulting Firms to work for by Fortune magazine and has been ranked 10 years in a row as a top 15 "Best Place to Work" alongside giants like Google. Kimley-Horn leads locally by example. In Charlotte, we are at the tip of the spear of the urban protected bike lanes conversation and are actively involved in planning Open Streets 704 events with the City, County, and local agencies, nonprofits, groups, and the business community. Kimley-Horn is "all in" in all that we do.

Kimley-Horn "does simply" what others "simply don't do". We put our clients' success first. Kimley-Horn elevated Asheville to receive the National APA award for best project (AIM) and has helped Charlotte blaze trails to becoming a national leader in bicycling infrastructure (XCLT).

Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride came about to make it easier for adults to teach and children to learn how to get rid of training wheels and learn how to truly ride a bicycle. The goal was simple: get more kids easily on bikes! That goal has morphed into getting more people easily on bikes, since the founders learned that there are adults who don't yet know how to ride and started attending LTR events.

In the 2+ years LTR has been holding events, we and our bevy of volunteers have taught over 1000 community residents from 2 to over 60 years old how to enjoy the sheer thrill of riding a bicycle.

Matthews Needs Smarter Streets

Smarter Streets for Matthews is an entirely grassroots organization objecting to the superstreet design for John Street through the historic and residential area of Matthews, NC proposed by the North Carolina Department of Transportation in Raleigh. We agree that improved traffic flow is an important priority, but one that must be balanced with the character of our small town as well as other stakeholder interests, particularly those of the residents and visitors of downtown Matthews.

Creating a unified voice of residents in an effort to shape the future of the Town of Matthews on a negligible budget and with a positive tone.

RBA Group Architecture+Interiors

RBA has several incentives in place to foster both environmental concern and promote fitness. We offer a cash bonus (payable each month) of $5/day for those willing to not use an exhaust emitting to get to work. Several employees ride a bicycle to and from and several simply carpool and share the bonus money. We have installed a shower/locker room for those that need to clean up after a ride or a workout. Our love for cycling is fostered by a designated bike enthusiast within our office that will work on and tune up any bike that needs it. We also have 3 staff bikes (fat tire cruisers) that are used daily for lunch outings and after work happy hours at nearby breweries.

Our employees love to ride our fat tire cruisers to lunch or happy hour or taken home for the weekend. It is very contagious and inspiring to see several employees ride into the office from almost 10 miles away.

Unknown Bike & Brew

Leaders host a Friday commuter breakfast, weekly Saturday ride with distances of 10, 25 and 35 miles and works with Trips for kids to teach 50 to 100 kids to ride every quarter. The team also participates in multiple local charities, Camp Luck, MS, 24 Foundation, Alzheimer's and Cystic Fibrosis. They sponsor a boys race team, a womens race team, a cyclocross team and a Tri Team.

No one group is involved is as many community causes


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