Sustainable Economy

Free Range Brewing (Winner)

Free Range Brewing is dedicated to creating a cohesive and sustainable community through efforts in supporting local artists, farmers, small businesses and non-profits organizations. Free Range got it's name by working with the idea that there should not be boundaries on the beer making process and ingredients, but also to the idea that you need to think outside of the box and celebrate the ideas and collaborations that come from doing so. By donating space to groups and individuals with creative ideas in the community, Free Range Brewing has developed a space where folks that want to contribute and engage the community can do so easily.

Free Range Brewing purposefully keeps their event space rental at a very low price; offers free space to individuals and groups with creative ideas; and offers free and low cost events for all community members to help grow and engage the community in a sustainable way.

Pasta and Provisions on Park

Tommy, Debbie, and Dylan George have taken every effort to make P&P as sustainable as possible. Some examples include eco conscious takeout containers/ silverware, recyclable sauce/meal containers, repurposed bicycle rack, and sustainably harvested/ recycled wood used throughout the Park Road shop.

Restaurants can be notorious as places of excessive waste and unsustainable practices. The George's have also been following these measures for over 20 years, long before sustainability was considered hip.

Sun Raised Farms

Sun Raised Farms is a company that turn the Grounds of Solar Farms into Agricultural use of land, the grounds of the Solar Farm is turned into Farmland to raise Sheep. Sun Raised Farms is the perfect partner for Solar Farm Developers, Owners and Operators that want to use sustainable methods to maintain their solar farm. Keeping land in agriculture is important to many communities that believe energy generation should not compete with food production.

Keep Farmland in Agricultural use, help local farmers financially in their local community to raise sheep on the grounds of solar farms in North Carolina,



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