Land Use

Town of Davidson (Winner)

The Town of Davidson with consultancy assistance from Stantec recently adopted a Rural Area Plan (RAP) for a 3800-acre study area in the town’s ETJ. Davidson is a town that has long been committed to controlling its own destiny as a distinct, sustainable, and sovereign municipality, and the RAP’s vision reflects that commitment. By proactively planning for a 30-year buildout, the RAP strikes a balance between cultivating conservation and quality growth. The plan defines a framework for creating nodes of walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods designed around parks and connected greenways, while preserving in excess of 60 percent of the study area as open space (with special incentives for farming uses and delineation of natural habitat corridors). Implementing the RAP will assure consistency with our long-standing, measured approach to growth and preservation of our high quality of life. Full details of the RAP can be found here:

In the face of rampant growth throughout the Charlotte region Davidson has chosen to set the tone and pace for our future, and to implement it in a sustainable manner that respects conservation. The RAP establishes a blueprint for managing growth without compromising long-standing community values.

Integra Architecture

Integra entered the market in September with its DeepGreen offering, immediately joined CLT's key sustainability organizations, and is working closely with them, with the government, and the development community, to speed the transition from sprawl to TOD density, bring greater sustainability to our buildings and urbanism, and otherwise turn CharMeck into one of the world's exemplary urban centers. To that end, Integra is sponsoring Sustain Charlotte's Way2Go urban mobility initiative, became one of only 24 members of Charlotte Chamber's new Real Estate Council, joined the Latin Chamber of Commerce to drive sustainability in members' business practices, is working with CRVA and the Hospitality & Tourism Alliance to create tourism-related sustainable TOD along the Blue Line, is collaborating with University City leaders to create sustainable amenities around that district's rail stations and green spaces, and creating greater awareness of DeepGreen through timely thought leadership.

It is the contagious passion and relentless focus on innovation, acceleration and collaboration. The Integra team is all about joining the city's sustainability leaders to bring to CharMeck the creative strategies driving faster change around the world in buildings, urbanism and land use.

Laurel Street Residential

In 2015, a Harvard/Raj Chetty study ranked Charlotte second to last among 100 metros in inter-generational economic mobility. Laurel Street Residential deserves this award for successfully developing The Renaissance, a multi-generational housing development completed in 2016. By collaborating with CHA, CMS, the City of Charlotte and the greater community, Laurel Street Residential has created a sustainable village that is not only green certified but built to remove common barriers to economic mobility with access to education and "cradle-to-career" wrap around services. The Renaissance is built to ensure that every resident continues to have access to high quality education, child care, nutrition, exercise and recreation from age zero on up. The project’s housing and urban design is innovative in its approach to economic sustainability, creating, for example, opportunities to strengthen the social networks in the community through cross-generational activities such as gardening.

At a time when Charlotte struggles to figure out how to address the disparities affecting our communities, including lack of affordable housing, The Renaissance offers us a holistic paradigm, tackling important structural issues - typically addressed incompletely by Laurel Street's peers - head-on.

Sun Raised Farms

Sun Raised Farms is a company that turn the Grounds of Solar Farms into Agricultural use of land, the grounds of the Solar Farm is turned into Farmland to raise Sheep. Sun Raised Farms is the perfect partner for Solar Farm Developers, Owners and Operators that want to use sustainable methods to maintain their solar farm. Keeping land in agriculture is important to many communities that believe energy generation should not compete with food production.

The methods used are sustainable and efficient use of farm land. Sun Raised Farms lamb are humanely raised and mainly grass feed on the grounds of North Carolina Solar Farms.

West Side Community Land Trust 

West Side CLT has spent much of 2016 doing grassroots organizing and education around the strategies that can help ensure equitable development in the west side. This is especially important at this moment, when gentrification and inequitable development practices threaten to displace long-time residents from west side neighborhoods. West Side CLT has done this as an all-volunteer organization, a neighbor-organized group that is willing to work to build community from within. By creating a community land trust is Charlotte, these citizens are taking action for permanent affordability, and for building flourishing, beautiful communities that will be economically and ecologically sustainable.

West Side CLT is a neighbor-led group that is building answers to inequitable development from within the neighborhoods closest to the problem. Their approach to land use and development is unique in Charlotte.



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