West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition (Winner)

The West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition began planning Seeds for Change in December of 2015 and in a little over a year, we implemented a quarter-acre urban farm where we not only grow fresh food, but we also have a youth program to ensure the transfer of learning from one generation to another. Residents and organizations have been trying to attract a grocery store to the West Boulevard Corridor for nearly forty years; however, no grocery store chain pulled the trigger on moving to the area. After decades of living in a food desert, residents organized to develop a comprehensive, grassroots strategy to bring healthy food to their communities. Seeds for Change not only aims to address the lack of access to healthy food, but other initiative components will enhance educational outcomes and create good paying jobs for Corridor residents as both educational outcomes and economic development are vital to improving the quality of life in the Corridor.

Unlike most Charlotte programs, Seeds for Change is truly a grassroots effort as it is led by residents who live in the West Boulevard Corridor. Additionally, we utilize a human-centered design approach in recognizing that residents are the ones with the solutions.

Community Table Bistro

Goodwill envisioned an opportunity to expand its mission while fulfilling a need for the community, clients and team members through creation of the Community Table Bistro (CTB). The CTB created an oasis in the West Charlotte food desert and is serving much more than food. The CTB within the Goodwill Opportunity campus on Wilkinson had the primary purpose to create a food service training program for those in need of employable skills. In addition CTB also provides Goodwill's clients, employees and neighbors an option for a fresh from scratch meal at a reasonable price. CTB opened in June '16 and was named one of Charlotte’s Best New Restaurants IN 2017. In addition CTB created an urban garden to support its menu and doubles as a hands on learning lab. Although training is at its core, the Community Table Bistro has also created 13 full time positions with benefits and 4 part time positions.

A program which provides participants both a paycheck and the ability to develop an employable skill set truly "Changes Lives through the Power of Work". The program assists those affected by generational poverty, incarceration and physical/cognitive challenges with access to training or work.

Heirloom Restaurant

The team at Heirloom Restaurant strives to serve guests with integrity. Chef Clark believes that begins with sourcing locally, and seasonally, to maintain ethical standards and promote quality ingredients. Produce, meat, and dairy, are all sourced from local NC farms/farmers, accompanied by ingredients from locally owned businesses such as distilleries and spice shops. Through the process of eliminating waste, Chef Clark utilizes as much as possible from every ingredient he uses. 100% yield is a hard thing to do in a commercial kitchen, and yet, Chef maintains 80-100% within the vast majority of his processing. For example, meat is processed in house, where everything, including the bones are used in some sort of preparation. Whether its sausage, bone stock, or serving ofal, snout to tail is a reality at Heirloom. We often use vegetable trim to flavor vinegars or make alcohol infusions, using all of the ingredient before it is disposed. (our trashcans are very light)

When we say we source local...we mean it. Yes, it takes extra time and effort, and yes, the quality of the food is proof enough that it is worth it.


Nourish created something new for Charlotte eaters, a local, organic, vegan food delivery service. The food magicians at Nourish have offered Charlotte residents a new level of food deliciousness as well as incredibly healthy options for eating. Their daily work in creating food is making space for a healthier & happier population in Charlotte.

Nourish has made it incredibly easy for health oriented, busy people to eat locally sourced nutritious food while supporting our planet, our local economy and our neighbors. The folks at Nourish created something that wasn't in Charlotte before, they saw a need and did something about it.

Piedmont Culinary Guild

On a professional and consumer level .. promoting local and sustainable food .. with educational and family events, professional networking, and attracting regional and national recognition. 

Only organization in the area promoting fully comprehensive food security .. in the home and in the restaurant. Uniting farmers, chefs, food artisans, culinary educators, and other professionals to create a strong and expanding food chain. 

Pure Pizza

Pure Pizza exemplifies the Farm-2-Table movement in restaurants. Since its beginning in 2012, they have sourced over 85% of the ingredients from local/sustainable/organic farms. But it doesn’t stop there. Pure also focuses efforts on the types of packaging coming into the restaurant to eliminate waste leaving the restaurant; at the Central Ave location, there is no trash dumpster as everything is co-mingled recycling. In the rare occasion a non-recyclable item enters the facility, one of the employees takes it home to put in the trash. This practice alone has diverted over 750, 000 gallons from landfills and into recycling. But it doesn’t stop there - Pure knows food waste is a huge issue in our landfills, so they began composting ALL food waste in both front & back of house. By partnering with Crown Town Compost, Pure-Central has sent nearly 15,000 gallons of food waste to Earth Farms to become composted soil. Pure is committed to creating the full circle from farm-2-table-2-farm. 

Pure Pizza is committed like no other restaurant in Charlotte to a sustainable model of food & the environment. Many restaurants recycle "some" items, buy from "some" local farms or compost "only" back of house food waste. Pure is the only one doing all 3 with such an intentional commitment.

Sun Raised Farms

Sun Raised Farms provides developers, owners and operators of ground mounted solar farms with a cost effective grounds maintenance solution. We use sheep to do the ground maintenance on North Carolina Solar Farms. We have developed a Lamb Salami made from our grass fed sheep that have grazed Solar Farms in North Carolina. We are in the start up of sell and distribute our lamb salami to the North Carolina Food Market.

New Product : Lamb Salami made in North Carolina from Lambs that have grazed North Carolina Solar Farms.


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