Transportation Nominees

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation (1st Place Winner)

This foundation’s work transforms public spaces and supports people-centered transportation in Charlotte and in cities across the country!  The Knight Foundation has elevated the conversation about active transportation, placemaking, and community engagement in Charlotte. They took Charlotte leaders to the 8-80 Cities conference in Chicago and on a study tour to Copenhagen. They organized and hosted a series Charlotte cycling conversations, which brought together the broadest coalition of cycling leaders in 2 decades, and established a $600,000 Charlotte Cycling Fund to expand local bike culture and opportunities.

The Knight Foundation has elevated the conversation about Charlotte's next level of cycling by engaging elected officials, staff, advocates, and diverse cyclists of all ages and ability levels. Their work and support of various projects has completely energized Charlotte’s cycling community!

Charlotte Air Awareness (2nd Place Winner)

Charlotte Air Awareness encourages voluntary emission-reduction behaviors through education and outreach to residents of Charlotte and the surrounding counties. During its 2015 Clean Commute Challenge, Charlotte Air Awareness and its partners, Sustain Charlotte and CATS, registered 27 organizations and 779 individual participants who clean commuted to work. Over the course of the Challenge, participants avoided driving 211, 405 miles and reduced 103 tons of motor vehicle pollution. In addition to the Clean Commute Challenge, Charlotte Air Awareness promotes its messages of energy conservation, reduction of vehicle miles traveled, promotion of public transportation options, anti-idling, and anti-burning through a variety of initiatives geared toward diverse population segments, i.e. students, aging adults, commuters, fleet managers, homeowners, and renters. You can find Charlotte Air Awareness at many community events throughout the year and workplace/school training on request.

Industry regulation and advances in technology only take us so far in reducing pollution from automobiles. Charlotte Air Awareness reaches out to individuals to encourage voluntary behavior change that can bridge the gap between technology & regulation and a healthier community. (3rd Place Winner)

For more than 8 years has provide the most comprehensive list of bicycle related rides, events, and news to the Charlotte cycling community. It is known as the "goto" site to find almost anything bicycle related. In 2015 we listed over 450 area charity bike rides and over 263 local rides like weekday training rides, mountain bike rides, urban rides, social rides and community events. It is the only website that compiles information from all sources and shares it in one place. We have also built a Facebook group with over 3000 members of the local cycling community. It provides a place on social media where the community can ask questions, discuss ideas and collaborate. Riding a bike and commuting are good for our environment and good for our city. When one decides to become apart of that change and get started biking WeeklyRides is very often the next stop on the list of what and how to do it.

WeeklyRides is a free tool for the community. It provides a hub for local and regional information in an easy to use, unbiased format to help encourage people to ride their bicycles.


Bissell has invested more than $12 million in multiple road projects in Ballantyne, creating hundreds of jobs and demonstrating an unparalleled private initiative to improving transportation. The main project is a bridge connecting North Community House Road on both sides of I-485. The bridge, featuring bike lanes and sidewalks, will provide greater mobility options and provide better air quality due to coordinating with CATS on revising its route. NCDOT expects 20,000 motorists to use the bridge daily when it opens in March.

Additional efforts include enhancements at Brixham Hill Avenue, including the ability to make a left going toward US 521 without being required to stop at the once congested intersection. Bissell is also creating two sets of dual turn lanes for turns onto US 521 from Ballantyne Commons Parkway, with expected completion in mid-May. Bissell’s commitment exemplifies the ideal public/private partnership, as Synthetic TIF was used to advance economic development.

Town of Matthews

The Town of Matthews was the first local government in the Charlotte region to request the install of a DC fast charger, exemplifying leadership. With the help of Brightfield Transportation Solutions, Nissan North America, the Centralina Clean Fuels Coalition-a U.S. Department of Energy Clean Cities program housed at the Centralina Council of Governments, and a Clean Fuels Advanced Technology grant funding opportunity, the Town installed a DC fast charger to help reduce automotive emissions and improve the region’s air quality. Annual emissions for an electric vehicle are 8,000 lbs of CO2 compared to a conventional gas vehicle’s emissions of over 13,000 lbs. Assuming a daily use of 8 electric vehicles, this DC fast charger will displace almost 8,000 gallons of gasoline each year! By installing a DC fast charger, the Town has created an opportunity for electric vehicle owners to quickly charge their vehicles (thirty minutes or less), making it more practical to own an electric vehicle.


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