Sustainable Economy Nominees

Recover (1st Place Winner)

Recover Brands is an apparel manufacturer based in North Carolina. The company was founded in 2010 and has recently moved its headquarters to Charlotte, NC. Recover specializes in manufacturing environmentally sustainable apparel made out of 100% recycled materials. By using recycled PET (ie. water bottles) and recycled cotton scraps, Recover strives to produce the most ecologically friendly and socially responsible apparel possible. From water and energy conservation during the manufacturing process, to using eco-friendly dyes and inks, Recover looks at the entire process and believes in full transparency throughout the supply chain. A large part of Recover’s mission is education and giving individuals the opportunity to make sustainable choices.

Recover is an industry leader in sustainable textiles. They are changing the way textiles are manufactured and provide sustainable solutions to an industry that is extremely hard on the environment. There are very few textile companies in the world that emphasize sustainability like Recover.

Javesca Coffee (2nd Place Winner)

Buy Coffee. Feed the World. This is not a catch phrase for Charlotte-based Javesca. It is their daily mantra. For every pound of coffee sold, Javesca provides a minimum of one pound of food to help people throughout the world who have little to no food. Their goal is simple—to provide the best coffee and together end unnecessary hunger. Javesca was established in 2013 by Craig Bollinger, a Charlotte pastor, and son, Steven, a mechanical engineer by trade. They understand that sustainability is more than the environment but also includes strong and vibrant communities. To support sustainable communities, Javesca donates most of its profits toward sustainable feeding programs that are transforming communities. Javesca has provided the funds to community leadership organizations to locally buy over 20,000 lbs. of food exceeding 100,000 meals in impoverished areas of Burundi, Africa, Guatemala, and locally. Being involved with Javesca is to make a sustainable difference.

Javesca coffee is donating a majority of its profits from each bag of premium coffee sold to reputable organizations to buy food from local farmers, feed hungry children, and create sustainable economies. Do something extraordinary by doing something ordinary … buy coffee from Javesca.

Community Culinary School of Charlotte (3rd Place Winner)

17 years of getting folks off the Dole and on the payroll. Over 775 graduates contributing to the tax pool of Charlotte through completion of work force development culinary training. CCSC has a core competency and it trends properly-from culinary training to catering company to cafe service-each of which develops and trains the culinary student and the last two help provide a revenue stream to facilitate the primary objective of work force development culinary training.

Treecycle America

It's a very innovative organization that is directly improving the environment while lowering cost to all members of the hardwood lumber supply chain. In addition, they are supporting local businesses and enhancing the beauty of our city.

Damon has fully committed himself to the development and growth of a truly original concept, putting the community first and creating a vision for others to emulate.


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