2016 Sustain Charlotte Awards Menu

2016 Sustain Charlotte Awards Menu 
Crispy Sweet Pea Ravioli
Lightly fried house made sweet pea ravioli with pecorino espuma and lemon sorrel
North Carolina Sea Bass Ceviche
Shaved Asparagus and Foraged Flower Nest 

Local Beef Shoulder
Sous vide to 144 degrees, red wine reduction, pink peppercorn flake, smoked sea salt

Free Range Chicken Yakitori
Bertie county peanuts, spicy pickled kohlrabi

Caramelized Ramp Toast
Slow cooked caramelized ramps on rye baguette with goat cheese and chervil

Smoked NC Trout
With house made herb cracker, and garlic chive

Grilled Lamb
Lamb loin, green blueberry relish, basil, and mint

Dessert Provided By: 


Harmony Ridge Duck Fat Fried Bread Pudding with Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in a Variety of Flavors.


The Art Institute of Charlotte

 chocolate pecan bars, strawberry tartlets, lemon meringue tartlets, and white peach marshmallows.


Beverages Provided By:

S&D Coffee & TeaJavescaThe Farm at Dover Vineyards and Lenny Boy Brewing Co.


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