New study shows cyclists worry about safety

This November, the Urban Land Institute published "Living in Charlotte 2016: Views on Housing, Transportation, and Community". Click here to download the report.

As an organization advocating for smart growth and sustainable transportation, we're excited about this report because it captures the housing and transportation preferences of 2,984 people living in the Charlotte metro area (Mecklenburg County plus the seven contiguous counties).

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iBikeCLT Update: Charlotteans strongly support Uptown protected bike lanes

You've spoken up for safer bicycle facilities in Charlotte, and your voice is making a difference! More than 4,000 area residents have signed either our paper or online #iBikeCLT petition that we presented to City Council in July.

At the November 14 City Council Transportation and Planning Committee meeting, we heard an update from CDOT on the Uptown Urban Trails Connection Study. 


The Uptown Connects Study is analyzing options for protected bike lane locations.

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How does great leadership happen?

Jon Davis from Sustain Charlotte's Gold Partner Center for Intentional Leadership spoke at our November Monthly Mixer about how his organization develops and supports great leaders. 

In a message that resonated deeply with attendees, Jon spoke about the importance of self care for leaders to avoid burnout. Organizations can support their leaders by nurturing the whole individual, rather than focusing solely on how many hours that person is in the office. Simple ways to do this are walking meetings, breaks in the day to pursue relaxation such as adult coloring books or yoga, and flexible work schedules to accommodate volunteer and family activities. The Center for Intentional Leadership offers a variety of solutions for developing leaders, teams, and organizational cultures. We're grateful for their partnership and support of our staff!


Jon Davis spoke about how effective organizations support great leaders through sustainable business practices.

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CATS begins envisioning a better Charlotte area bus network

Charlotte's transit riders are about to hear about a major effort that holds the potential to revolutionize their daily travel experience! 

CATS' Envision My Ride initiative will gather public input as the transit agency begins a major re-design of the bus network. Over the coming months, CATS will apply state of the art planning and best practices from cities like Seattle and Houston to create a superior transit network that will meet the needs of our growing population.


 Larry Kopf, who is leading the CATS bus network re-design, spoke and gathered survey input at our Monthly Mixer!

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Colombia's big boost for bicycle commuting

Guest blog post by Marcela Falquez, Executive Director of ID Social, Bogota, Colombia.

Last Wednesday, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos signed the 1811 Act. This law aims to encourage the use of bicycles as the main means of transportation in the country, increase the mode share of bicycle trips, and mitigate the environmental impact of motor vehicle use.

It's a law that comes with powerful incentives for residents to switch to a two-wheeled commute: Public workers who use bikes for transportation will earn free paid days off work at the rate of a half-day per 30 days of bicycle commuting.

The law states that all users of Integrated Mass Transit Systems who use the bicycle to get to the transit system and that have validated more than 30 uses of bike-parking, will receive financial credit on their transit payment card.


Bogota, a sprawling auto-dominated city of 8 million people, needs more sustainable transportation choices! 


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City bonds are a win!

It's been a long and contentious election season. We hear you on that! But when you go to the polls, please keep your energy up until the very end and pay close attention to the bottom of your ballot. There you'll find a bond referendum that will shape the future of Charlotte.

Sustain Charlotte's vision is for "a region in which everyone has the knowledge, resources and opportunity to make choices with a clear awareness of their combined social, economic and environmental impacts." We invite you to empower yourself with the knowledge of what the proposed bond includes, and then go take advantage of your opportunity to vote! 


Past bonds have supported workforce housing like The Retreat at Renaissance, pictured above.


Voter approval of the bond would mean funding for:

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Equity, Personal Responsibility + Charlotte's Future

(by Shannon Binns, Executive Director of Sustain Charlotte)

These days, I find myself thinking about the future more than ever. 

When I think about my precious, bright-eyed daughter, Edie Moon, I wonder what kind of world she will live in.  I wonder if it will still be treated as invincible.  I wonder if today’s injustices will be better – or worse.

As an optimist, I can’t help but imagine her inheriting a better world.  But as I near mid-life, my optimism is tempered by an understanding that this will not happen without the commitment and work of many.  And that work must happen today. 

Recent events in our community have laid bare before us the inequity that we have allowed to take hold.  The inequity we have created. 

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Biketoberfest 2016: We Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

Perfect weather, hospitable neighbors, and generous sponsors willing to swing open their doors for the afternoon; put them all together, and that’s a pretty good recipe for any event. Put ‘em on bikes, and we’ve got a second successful Biketoberfest! 


Photo by Emily Eckert (click here to view the full Biketoberfest album)


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What makes a street great?

NACTO, which stands for the National Association of City Transportation Officials, recently held their 5th annual conference in Seattle. We were able to attend and learn about the latest advancements in building sustainable transit, cycling, and pedestrian infrastructure thanks to a generous grant from our friends at TransitCenter.   

Charlotte is a member city of NACTO, with our Department of Transportation Director, Danny Pleasant, serving as treasurer.  

As we work to design Charlotte for the projected population boom predicted to take place over the next 25 years, it’s encouraging to keep in mind that NACTO exists to promote safe, energy efficient, and environmentally sustainable transportation projects and systems. 

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Charlotte’s Best Bike Short Cuts: Easier Ways to Get There From Here

There are lots of great, and not-so-great quotes about shortcuts. And most of them don’t give too much praise or promise to the idea that there’s any better way to get where you’re going other than the road long and laborious. Clearly, the authors of these quote have never needed to get anywhere by bike!


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