Where to Go on Two Wheels?

Let’s Go Park-ing!


Mecklenburg County’s Best Places to Ride are Right Here! 

Yes, your bike can take you to many practical places like work, school, the store, or the gym. But sometimes, you just want to ride for the fun of it! If your regular routes just feel too routine, check out this list of great Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation locations you can roll into - and all around - on two wheels!

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A Trick ANY Bike Can Do

Simple Stuff to Make a Road-Worthy Commuter

Did you know? You’re sitting on a practically perfect commuter bike! Well, metaphorically speaking. But, the truth is, ANY bike can be a great commuter bike. Whether it’s an old mountain bike, road bike, or beach cruiser, it’s practically perfect! We asked our friends over at Bicycle Sport about some simple tricks to get that old bike a new job! 


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What would make Parkwood Ave & The Plaza safer? Here's what residents told CDOT.

The verdict is in: Residents who attended a series of walking tours told the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) that they don't feel entirely comfortable walking or riding a bicycle along much of Parkwood Avenue. Instead of functioning as a neighborhood street for all users, the avenue is plagued by heavy traffic and unsafe driving behavior. 


The idea of adding bike lanes to Parkwood Ave was a clear favorite! 

The formal quest to make Parkwood Ave safer reached a peak in November 2015 when neighborhood residents directly addressed City Council and asked for change. Read more about that here

Soon after that Council meeting, CDOT announced that Parkwood Ave and The Plaza was one of the 3 corridors chosen for a round of three Arterial Corridor Studies. The other two corridors were South Boulevard and South Tryon from Uptown to South End. 

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How Much Do You Really Know About the Products You Use Every Day?

Guest Post Written By:

Dan Persica, Sustainability Communications Manager at Domtar, a Sustain Charlotte Bronze Partner


"If I asked you what the environmental impacts were of your latest purchase – whether it was the salad you had for lunch, the smartphone in your pocket or the notebook you jot notes in, would you know?

What about the more far-reaching impacts, such as where the item came from, who was involved in its creation and the conditions you’re effectively supporting by purchasing it?

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All in the Family: How to Get Them on the Bike


You love that bike of yours. Since you were little, you recognized its potential to take you far away. You discovered new neighborhoods, met new friends, maybe even rode to school or your first job. Now you’re wondering whether your kids and family will feel the same way. Here’s how to get their attention - and get them on the bike! 

“It's tough for the outdoors to compete in the age of Minecraft, iPad, XBOX, and the like,” says Jon Harding, a routine bike commuter, bike-packer, and general man-about-town on two wheels. “Getting started can be a little intimidating, especially if your kids outnumber you.”

But don’t be discouraged! Jon says getting the kids and family out there on the bike can be easy with a little planning ahead. Answering the “how” and the “where” are two of the biggest hurdles.

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YWCA summer campers learn how to make sustainable choices at home

There's no better way to start a sustainability lesson than to be informed by a six year-old that: "We already know how to recycle here!" If every Charlotte resident was as committed to recycling as the summer campers at the Southside YWCA Youth Development program, our county landfills would be a lot less full than they are.


YWCA summer campers learned about recycling and water use!

(Photo credit: Cabir Kansupada; Children's faces blurred for privacy.)

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#ibikeCLT Campaign Takes a Big Step Forward!

Thanks to tremendous community support, our city took a major step this week towards making our streets safer for all!

At Monday’s City Council meeting, over 50 local residents – many of them with bike helmets and signs in hand – stood with us as we asked City Council to support our #ibikeCLT campaign for a protected bike lane through Uptown, connecting the Little Sugar Creek and Irwin Creek greenways.


Sustain Charlotte Bike Program Director Jordan Moore presenting #ibikeCLT petition to City Council.

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Charlotte family commits to cycling lifestyle

When Edward Doughty heard Sustain Charlotte's executive director Shannon Binns speak at a recent Leadership Charlotte event, he did far more than listen and take notes. Doughty went out and bought bicycles for his entire family that weekend as a birthday gift to his wife. The next day, they rode about 10 miles on the greenways. "The kids loved it. We had a great day!"

Since then, they've been doing lots of exploring on two wheels. One of the unique perks of riding bikes as a family has been discovering new destinations. "We found a little park in Huntingtowne Farms that we didn't even know existed." 


Cycling is a family activity for this crew!

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#ibikeCLT Petition Presentation and Ask to City Council

Council members, Mrs. Mayor:

My name is Jordan Moore, I am the bicycle program director with Sustain Charlotte.  The mission of our program is to introduce the bicycle to our city as a transportation solution that will provide economic vitality and social justice, educational and civic opportunities and cultural vibrancy.  We share a vision that Charlotte should be known world wide as a city of people on bicycles. 

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Grier Heights computer lab comes to life

Volunteers from Sustain Charlotte’s Community Corps have partnered with CrossRoads Corporation and Grier Heights neighborhood volunteers to install 40 laptop computers in the Grier Heights Community Center.


Many partners worked to make Grier Heights' Community Center computer lab a reality!

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