City bonds are a win!

It's been a long and contentious election season. We hear you on that! But when you go to the polls, please keep your energy up until the very end and pay close attention to the bottom of your ballot. There you'll find three local bond referendums whose outcomes will shape the future of Charlotte.

Sustain Charlotte's vision is for "a region in which everyone has the knowledge, resources and opportunity to make choices with a clear awareness of their combined social, economic and environmental impacts." We invite you to empower yourself with the knowledge of what the proposed bonds include, and then go take advantage of your opportunity to vote! 


Past bonds have supported workforce housing like The Retreat at Renaissance, pictured above.


Voter approval of the bonds would mean funding for:

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Equity, Personal Responsibility + Charlotte's Future

(by Shannon Binns, Executive Director of Sustain Charlotte)

"These days, I find myself thinking about the future more than ever. 

When I think about my precious, bright-eyed daughter, Edie Moon, I wonder what kind of world she will live in.  I wonder if it will still be treated as invincible.  I wonder if today’s injustices will be better – or worse.

As an optimist, I can’t help but imagine her inheriting a better world.  But as I near mid-life, my optimism is tempered by an understanding that this will not happen without the commitment and work of many.  And that work must happen today. 

Recent events in our community have laid bare before us the inequity that we have allowed to take hold.  The inequity we have created. 

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Biketoberfest 2016: We Couldn't Have Done it Without You!

Perfect weather, hospitable neighbors, and generous sponsors willing to swing open their doors for the afternoon; put them all together, and that’s a pretty good recipe for any event. Put ‘em on bikes, and we’ve got a second successful Biketoberfest! 


Photo by Emily Eckert (click here to view the full Biketoberfest album)


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Charlotte’s Best Bike Short Cuts: Easier Ways to Get There From Here

There are lots of great, and not-so-great quotes about shortcuts. And most of them don’t give too much praise or promise to the idea that there’s any better way to get where you’re going other than the road long and laborious. Clearly, the authors of these quote have never needed to get anywhere by bike!


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Pop Up Produce and Sustain Charlotte team up to bring fresh food to neighborhoods

[This is a guest blog post by Amanda Zullo]

Amanda Zullo, a 2016 Emerging City Champions grant recipient winner sponsored by 8 80 Cities and the Knight Foundation, had the opportunity to be one of three guest speakers at Sustain Charlotte’s recent September Green Drinks + Monthly Mixer to share the story of her grant initiative, Pop Up Produce. With a room filled of Sustain Charlotte participants and members, the presentation taught the crowd how Pop Up Produce is tackling food deserts by raising awareness through education and empowerment, and teaching people how to grow their own food in our community.


Amanda Zullo (center) and a volunteer explained the Fresh Start kits to mixer guests. (photo by Alex Walker)

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Will Charlotte's transportation network be ready for 400,000 new residents?

Written by Jordan Moore and Meg Fencil

Between 2015 and 2040, Charlotte's population is projected to grow by 400,000 people. That's like adding the entire population of Miami or New Orleans to our existing city! Will our street network be ready to safely and equitably provide for the daily transportation needs of our current and new residents? 

That was the question on the mind of City Council's Transportation and Planning Focus Area at their September 12 meeting. Click here for the presentation they saw.

It's exciting to be one of the nation's fastest growing large cities, but it's also quite a challenge to plan for such incredible population growth. We're glad to see our City Council's Transportation & Planning Focus Area and Charlotte Department of Transportation developing a clearer picture of upcoming transportation needs as well as developing a budget and plan to meet those needs.

The results of CDOT's 2016 Household Survey are in, and residents are speaking up for safer bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. 81% of respondents would be encouraged to bicycle more if they had on-street separated facilities (ie, protected bike lanes or cycletracks) available. 


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Community Corps and Grier Heights residents celebrate opening of computer lab

In July, we told you about the work that our Sustain Charlotte Community Corps volunteers have done to help the Grier Heights neighborhood open its first computer lab. Read more about the effort here. This incredible partnership between our volunteers, the Grier Heights Community Improvement Organization, Crossroads Corporation, and Skanska led to a community celebration on Labor Day as we helped the neighborhood cut the ribbon on the new lab!


Envisioning, installing, and opening the computer lab was truly a partnership!

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Get There by Bike: Best Tips from Charlotte Bike Commuters

Riding your bike for fun and fitness is great, but your bike can be so much more than that. Yes, it’s true; you can get there by bike!


You’ve read this far, which means you're at least thinking about the possibility of spending more time on two wheels. And commuting by bike is a great way to get more saddle time - and front row parking just about everywhere.

Believe it or not, there’s quite a culture of bike commuters here in Charlotte. Most are nothing like the risk-taking, traffic-dodgers you see on YouTube, but it’s safe to say the ones we know are quick to share their tips to what makes bike commuting work for them! 

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Where to Go on Two Wheels?

Let’s Go Park-ing!


Mecklenburg County’s Best Places to Ride are Right Here! 

Yes, your bike can take you to many practical places like work, school, the store, or the gym. But sometimes, you just want to ride for the fun of it! If your regular routes just feel too routine, check out this list of great Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation locations you can roll into - and all around - on two wheels!

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A Trick ANY Bike Can Do

Simple Stuff to Make a Road-Worthy Commuter

Did you know? You’re sitting on a practically perfect commuter bike! Well, metaphorically speaking. But, the truth is, ANY bike can be a great commuter bike. Whether it’s an old mountain bike, road bike, or beach cruiser, it’s practically perfect! We asked our friends over at Bicycle Sport about some simple tricks to get that old bike a new job! 


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